2017-06-12 AdMark

First Thing

There came a day just after I started my new job oh so long ago, at the cable  studio that my boss told me to get the company vehicle and drive into the east village in NYC  to a certain address and pick up Allen Ginsberg then bring him back to the studio. Having done that, the next thing I was to do was grab the camera and video deck, I don’t recall what it was but maybe it was a Sony 3/4″  U- matic, then go shoot this interview with Mr Ginsberg. We actually had a studio but that day our guest liked the vibe outside better than the studio so we hiked up the hill behind the offices and shot his interview there. The host, whose name I’ve long forgotten was an English professor at William Patterson College at the time. I barely knew what I was doing but some how I managed to record picture and sound that day. I had hung out a bit with Ginsberg in college and was really excited when this day just fell in my lap.

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