Who:    TIGHAR, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery has been working since 1989 to demonstrate that Amelia Earhart landed on the remote uninhabited Pacific island of Nikumaroro after disappearing on one of the last legs of her around the world flight in 1937. The Earhart Project has done extensive archeological and forensic work on Nikumaroro amassing a compelling amount of physical circumstantial evidence  that an American female castaway from the 1930’s lived for a time as a castaway on this remote Pacific island and ultimately died there.

What:   Since 2001  I have been the documentarian for this project, so far having made 5 trips to Nikumaroro and numerous trips to other research locations both in the US and abroad.

Discovery Channel has broadcast two “Finding Amelia” specials, one in 2010 and the other in 2012.